Unique Cases


Our Outreach Project consists of a mobile team of four vets (2 vets per mission), an assistant vet as appropriate, and AA’s Neutering Officer. We aim to visit areas that have:

  • No neutering program carried out by the Local Authorities – Municipality (LAs),
  • Significantly high numbers of stray dogs/cats,
  • No local vet present,
  • Active local animal welfare groups (AWGs)/volunteers.

When the conditions allow us, it’s always our goal to return to and monitor specific areas closely and measure our long term impact.


Throughout the year we receive many pleas from local animal welfare groups, shelters, organizations and individual volunteers regarding emergency cases of wounded animals or areas where the population of strays is getting out of control.

When possible, we always try to offer our support to: economically deprived areas, areas with high numbers of stray animals, shelters and animal welfare groups with no support from local authorities, as well as very serious animal welfare incidents.

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