In October, cat loving Athens resident, Anta, got in touch with us recently to ask for help getting control of the colony of stray cats she cares for in her neighbourhood, Kallithea. Like many of the other amazing people feeding and looking out for stray cats across Greece, Anta knew the cats needed to be sterilised to control the population, but didn’t have the means to do it.

With the help of local cat rescue experts ΟΙ ΑΔΕΣΠΟΤΕΣ, we were able to successfully catch 12 of the cats in the colony, take them to the local vet to be sterilised, and return them safely to their home on the streets of Kallithea.

Local volunteers helping to catch the cats
Waiting at the clinic, ready to be sterilised

Since then, we have continued to support Anta as she slowly makes her way through the large colony, catching the cats and taking them to the vets to be sterilised, two at a time! She has even managed to find forever homes for two very lucky kittens born on the streets, giving them the best possible chance for a good life.

One of the adopted kittens, getting used to her new home

We’re so grateful for Anta’s hard work and we’re happy to be able to help people like her, who just want to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals around them.

Waiting patiently for his turn at the vets
In the clinic, ready for sterilisation
Successfully caught and ready to head to the clinic
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