For many years, the Olympic stadium in Piraeus has been home to countless stray cats, living in colonies and surviving on the scraps on well-meaning visitors and tourists. While a lucky few have been sterilised in years gone by – most thanks to the inspiring efforts of local animal-lovers and our very own Animal Action Greece team! – it won’t be until the majority are sterilised that we’ll start seeing an impact on the wider population of stray cats in Greece.

So we’re delighted to report that a further 16 cats have been trapped, neutered and released, all in the unlikeliest location of the Olympic stadium! Not only have these lucky 16 been freed from a relentless cycle of breeding, but literally thousands of unwanted kittens have been spared a life of struggle and hardship on the streets of Piraeus.

Best of all, the team at the stadium have agreed to place water troughs and feeders on the grounds, so at the very least the stray cats of Greece will have a fresh supply of water on demand – and just in time for the warmer months ahead! Such changing attitudes give us hope for a brighter future and will hopefully lead to more projects (watch this space!)

In the meantime, there’s still a long way to go, with a further 50 cats in this area alone in need of sterilisation. If you’d like to sponsor the care of the Olympic cats, and many more like them, please consider donating today – just £5 per month will fund the sterilisation of 3 lucky cats!

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