Greek Legislation

There are specific Greek laws governing animal welfare and their protection from cruelty and abuse. The following links are provided to help animal lovers use this information in the interest of reporting any welfare or cruelty or abuse issue to the authorities. 

Companion Animal Law

On 15th September 2021, the Greek government voted for and passed new legislation on Companion Animals, named ‘Project Argos’. Together with the rest of the welfare community in Greece, Animal Action Greece/Animal Action Greece Hellas broadly welcomed this legislation, which clearly intends to get a grip on the huge numbers of stray cats and dogs in the country and, gradually but humanely, reduce them through sterilisation.   

  • To download the law regarding companion animals 4830/2021 in GREEK, click here.
  • To download the law regarding companion animals 4830/2021 in ENGLISH, click here.

The Greek government issued the first ‘KYA’ or ‘Joint Ministerial Decision’ under the law on 27th January 2022, governing the rules and implementation. Equivalent to ‘Legislative Regulations’ in the UK, this KYA publishes the operating conditions of the National Register of Companion Animals and its sub-registers.

  • To download the KYA click here (currently only in Greek).

New funding announced 

On 16th March 2022, the Greek government released €5 million to local authorities for sterilisations of strays, plus an additional €5 million for the purchase of the necessary equipment (e.g. suitable pet tag scanners and other fixed equipment), and €30 million for the construction, repair and maintenance of shelters. To read more about the funding, click here.


Equine Law

On 2nd August 2018, the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food issued a circular to Greek Police Authorities clarifying the ‘code of practice’ for the welfare of horses, donkeys and mules (Equids). Animal Action Greece has paid to have this circular regarding the ‘Protection of Working Equines’ officially translated into English to help the Equine welfare community in Greece use its contents to be better informed about the current legal status of animal welfare laws affecting horses, donkeys and mules, and how to use it to report animal abuse. You can read the official translation into English as well as the original Greek circular here.

However, the Greek Government is still to implement European Commission Regulations (EU) 2015/262, commonly known as the ‘Equine Passport Regulation’. We continue to lobby the Greek Government to fully implement the provisions of this EU wide legal obligation.


On 14th May 2018 another circular was issued by Ministry of Interior and more specifically from the Police Directorate in Emoupolis, Syros (capital of Cyclades) via which they requested that the Police Directorate of Cyclades and all Police Stations in its jurisdiction conducted regular and substantial inspections to prevent the abuse of animals through ‘hobbling’. To read this circular click here (currently only in Greek).

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