Reducing the impact of disasters on animals

Animal Action Greece is proud of the work we do in emergencies, but we are also committed to doing more to prevent disasters and reduce the suffering they cause. As temperatures across the Mediterranean continue to rise year on year and the risks of fire and extreme heat grow, we will be exploring how to […]

Emergency Wildfire Appeal Update

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our wildfire appeal so far, we are truly grateful for the wonderful response we have had. With your help, we have provided practical help to our partners, Dogs’ Voice, and ΑΝΙΜΑ and will be supporting organisations on Rhodes as tragic wildfires continue to blaze there. Dogs Voice’s emergency […]

Emergency Wildfire Appeal

The past week has seen temperatures across Greece skyrocket with highs of up to 45 degrees in some areas. The heatwave has brought wildfires in the Attica region, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. Animals displaced and injured by the fires  Countless cats and dogs have been displaced and are now wandering frightened […]

Municipality of Sparta Shelter

In early March, we learned of the horrific conditions in a municipal shelter located in Sparta and the atrocities happening there. On 21st February, Save a Greek Stray filed a lawsuit against the local authority which led to the Deputy Mayor and two shelter managers being arrested for animal cruelty. They remained in custody until […]


Our Urgent Wildfire Appeal has raised a truly lifechanging €25,000. We’ve started sending funds to those most in need, and want to share with you how your donations are saving lives in the aftermath of what were Greece’s worst wildfires to date.


As the wildfires continue to blaze, the devastating effect they are having on the animals of Greece is becoming worse by the day. Companion animals, wildlife, farm animals… they are all in grave danger.