Reducing the impact of disasters on animals

Animal Action Greece is proud of the work we do in emergencies, but we are also committed to doing more to prevent disasters and reduce the suffering they cause.

As temperatures across the Mediterranean continue to rise year on year and the risks of fire and extreme heat grow, we will be exploring how to support animal welfare organisations to prevent disasters and reduce their impact.

Vrouva Farm Aegina, a safe haven for old, abandoned and abused animals, on the island of Aegina, is located in a highly flammable pine forest. Each summer, as a precaution, they evacuate some of their most vulnerable animals to foster homes or boarding facilities where they are at less risk of fires. With the support of Animal Action Greece, they are improving their mains water supply and investigating other measures such as rainwater harvesting and installing ponds or sprinklers to help keep their resident animals cool.

We will be working with other sanctuaries and shelters to identify how they can also keep cool in the face of the growing threat of extreme heat and fire and reduce the impact of flooding.

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