Emergency Wildfire Appeal

The past week has seen temperatures across Greece skyrocket with highs of up to 45 degrees in some areas. The heatwave has brought wildfires in the Attica region, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.

Animals displaced and injured by the fires 

Countless cats and dogs have been displaced and are now wandering frightened and injured. Some of these are owned cats and dogs which have been separated from their owners, but many are street cats and dogs. 

Horses and donkeys that weren’t able to be evacuated before the fires reached their paddocks and wild animals that weren’t able to outpace the flames have also been injured. 

Local organisations leading the response 

Local animal welfare organisation, Dogs Voice, with the help of voluntary veterinarians from Εθελοντική Δράση Κτηνιάτρων Ελλάδος (Ε.Δ.Κ.Ε.)  have set up a pop-up shelter and veterinary clinic in Galatsi.

The shelter has seen over 400 dogs and cats from the affected areas in recent days, including strays, animals from evacuated shelters and people’s pets. 

Horses, donkeys, mules and farm animals are also expected to require treatment and housing as the fires reached stables and farms. 

Our partner, ANIMA, a wildlife hospital in Athens, are also treating injured and displaced wild animals who have been rescued from the flames.

In addition to supporting local animal welfare organisations, we are working with the Special Secretariat for the Protection of Companion Animals at the Ministry of Interior. 

Animal Action

Our Animal Welfare Programme Manager, Serafina Avramidou, and Operations Manager, Sophia Kyriakapolou, are on the ground working with our local partners. 

Speaking from the pop-up shelter Serafina said “We have donated equipment for the shelter and medicines to treat the dogs and cats arriving here. We are bracing ourselves for more record temperatures, with authorities warning of a high risk of more fires.

Sadly, this means that the number of animals in need is expected to grow both here and across the country.  

We will do everything we can to rescue and care for them but we urgently need help. 

We will use your donation to rescue, feed, treat and care for cats, dogs, horses, donkeys and wildlife that have been caught up in these devastating fires. Please help if you can.” 

To donate to our wildfire appeal, please click here!

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