Emergency Wildfire Appeal Update

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our wildfire appeal so far, we are truly grateful for the wonderful response we have had.
With your help, we have provided practical help to our partners, Dogs’ Voice, and ΑΝΙΜΑ and will be supporting organisations on Rhodes as tragic wildfires continue to blaze there.
Dogs Voice’s emergency pop-up shelter in Galatsi took in a total of 454 animals. Rescuing, sheltering and treating almost 500 scared and injured dogs and cats is a huge achievement!
  • 211 have been reunited with their owners
  • 188 are being kindly hosted by local foster carers
  • 55 are being treated in veterinary clinic
Voluntary medics from Εθελοντική Δράση Κτηνιάτρων Ελλάδος (Ε.Δ.Κ.Ε.) have been working around the clock to examine and treat not only cats and dogs, but birds, tortoises and other wild animals. Street dogs and cats that were rescued have been sterilised, microchipped and will be available for adoption through Dogs Voice.
Volunteers from ANIMA have also been out continuously sweeping the fire affected areas to rescue wildlife. Any surviving wildlife in the burnt areas will starve or dehydrate, so it is crucial they are found and relocated. Their clinic is treating birds, reptiles and mammals, as well as giving advice and offering support to rescuers on the island of Rhodes. With your help we have been able to rush vital assistance to ANIMA to allow them to rescue and treat the constantly growing number of injured wildlife they are finding.
We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. We simply couldn’t support these dedicated local organisations without you. Your support is directly relieving the suffering of injured and displaced animals across Greece.
If you haven’t donated or are moved to do so again you can do so here!
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