Saving lives together – An update from Topeiros

Earlier this year, we were alerted by committed animal rescuer Anna-Maria from Angels Garden, of a dire situation in which more than 600 dogs were enduring appalling conditions, living within a garbage site. We visited Anna-Maria to assess the situation first-hand, and what we witnessed was truly devastating. Hundreds of hungry dogs, covered in fleas […]

Give the gift of hope this Christmas

Across Greece, countless homeless animals look to us for a chance at a better life.  This Christmas, you can be their beacon of hope by giving your family and friends one of virtual gifts. Each purchase of a Christmas charity gift helps create a kinder and more compassionate world. Our gifts include food for a […]

Your chance to double the love for homeless dogs

We have some exciting news to share with you. Every online donation to our appeal for the dogs of Topeiros between now and midnight on Christmas Eve will be matched up to a total of $10,000 by Greater Good Charities. That means twice the number of dogs saved from preventable disease and twice as few […]

Greek Animal Rescue Joins Forces with AAG

We are working with volunteers in Topeiros, Northern Greece, to ease the suffering of more than 600 homeless dogs struggling to survive on a rubbish site. It is a harrowing situation which is going to require a significant and sustained effort. We are therefore thrilled to share that we have joined forces with fellow UK […]

URGENT APPEAL: Help Save The Stray Dogs of Topeiros

Animal Action Greece is responding to a critical situation in Topeiros, in Northern Greece, where more than 600 stray dogs, are trying to survive on a rubbish site.  Many of the dogs are reduced to skin and bone, covered from head to tail in fleas and ticks and suffering terribly from deadly injuries and ailments.  We […]

Education & Awareness – Harnessing the power of play

“One’s own powers of making sense of the world are powers that develop naturally through action in the world.”  Matthew B Crawford One of the enduring ambitions at Animal Action Greece has been (and still is) to build a generation of young people whose attitudes towards animals will be more compassionate than those of their […]

AAG and AGA join forces to fund new ANIMA vehicle

Recently, the Animal Action Greece team travelled to Athens to visit ANIMA, Greece’s leading wildlife rescue organisation and one of our longstanding partners.  ANIMA is dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Currently, they are managing a record number of patients, largely due to the aftermath of the horrific wildfires that swept across Greece earlier this […]

Our recent visit to Dogs’ Voice

This year has posed exceptional challenges for Greece, marked by severe flooding and widespread wildfires that ravaged most major cities, resulting in the destruction of homes and the tragic loss of numerous animals.  The aftermath of these events continues to afflict those affected, including our local partner, Dogs’ Voice.  In the face of the fires, […]

AAG Creates Cool Comfort for Paros’ Cats

In the spirit of our commitment to reducing the risk of climate related events and disasters, AAG is thrilled to share a heart-warming collaboration with Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).   Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our supporters, including the support of Zooplus and its customers who donated to our emergency appeal, a significant enhancement […]

Six months since the start of our community cat care on Paros and Antiparos

In our ongoing commitment to the welfare of the cats on Paros and Antiparos, we are thrilled to provide you with the latest update on our project.   The core objective of our project is to create a substantial, positive impact through a comprehensive community based approach. We aim to address the issues faced by the […]