Our recent visit to Dogs’ Voice

This year has posed exceptional challenges for Greece, marked by severe flooding and widespread wildfires that ravaged most major cities, resulting in the destruction of homes and the tragic loss of numerous animals. 

The aftermath of these events continues to afflict those affected, including our local partner, Dogs’ Voice. 

In the face of the fires, Dogs’ Voice acted promptly, establishing an emergency pop-up shelter in early July as the fires raged.  

The scale of destruction was relentless, with a staggering number of animals enduring extreme burns, smoke inhalation, and exhaustion. Through their swift response, Dogs’ Voice managed to assist over 833 dogs and 78 cats. Additionally, they successfully reunited many lost cats and dogs with their owners, and those without homes found refuge with local foster homes, receiving the necessary care before being placed in permanent homes. 

Then, in early September, Northern Greece faced devastating storms, causing flooding in the Thessaly region. Once again, Dogs’ Voice acted swiftly, setting up an emergency station for animals in need of shelter and emergency care. 

It is only thanks to your generous donations and the support of Zooplus and its customers that we were able to provide Dogs’ Voice with vital veterinary supplies, medication and additional funding to support them during this challenging year. 

In early October, our Chief Executive Joseph Nhan-O’Reilly and Animal Welfare Manager Serafina Avrimidou visited Dogs’ Voice, which presented a wonderful chance to gain deeper insights into the impact of our contributions on the rescue efforts and explore ongoing collaboration possibilities. 

“It was amazing to see first hand the work that Dogs’ Voice are still doing, caring for more than 60 dogs in a temporary shelter and supporting more than 200 dogs in foster homes,” said Serafina. 

 “We can’t thank our supporters enough for their generosity. We simply couldn’t help these dedicated local organisations without you. Your support is directly relieving the suffering of injured and displaced animals across Greece.” concluded Serafina. 

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