Saving lives together – An update from Topeiros

Earlier this year, we were alerted by committed animal rescuer Anna-Maria from Angels Garden, of a dire situation in which more than 600 dogs were enduring appalling conditions, living within a garbage site.  

We visited Anna-Maria to assess the situation first-hand, and what we witnessed was truly devastating.   

Hundreds of hungry dogs, covered in fleas and ticks, many of them ill or injured. Almost none of the dogs were sterilised which means the population was growing rapidly with puppies being born into terrible conditions. 

We knew we needed to act both to improve the situation for the suffering dogs and support Anna Maria and her team of volunteers who were becoming quickly overwhelmed by the urgent needs on the site. 

We teamed up with Greek Animal Rescue and agreed a plan which included a week-long sterilisation campaign, with the ambitious goal of sterilising 150 dogs. 

Despite exceptionally difficult conditions we exceeded our goal. A staggering 157 dogs were successfully sterilised over the course of our five-day campaign, which will improve the health of those dogs and prevent the birth of thousands of homeless puppies over the coming years. 

None of this would have been possible without the support of our generous donors. Every donation played a crucial role in alleviating the suffering of these animals and bringing them one step closer to a better life. 

Seeing 157 happy dogs with green ear tags that show they have been vaccinated and sterilised was amazing and we can’t thank our supporters enough for helping us achieve such an amazing result. 

But there is so much more to do. 

There are numerous rescued puppies who require round the clock care and will need to be vaccinated in preparation for adoption.  

And we are providing follow up treatment to more than a dozen sick dogs that were identified during the campaign.  

And of course, all of the dogs need daily feeding and there are still hundreds of dogs to sterilise. 

So our fundraising appeal for the homeless dogs of Topeiros is still very live. 

Thanks to Greater Good Charities all donations made from now until midnight on Christmas Eve will be doubled, which means that we’ll be able to achieve twice as much with the funds that our supporters donate. 

£10 will vaccinate 2 dogs 
£25 will feed 2 dogs for a month 
£50 will provide urgent medical care for 2 sick puppies 
£125 will neuter, vaccinate and microchip not 1 but two dogs

We understand that times are tough at the moment, so if you’re unable to donate, please share this article with friends and family, or follow our campaign by signing up to our mailing list or following us on Facebook, Instagram and X.

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