Tinos Cats

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration on the island of Tinos for 2023! We currently work with local organisations on Syros and Paros to sterilise their stray cat population. Manos Vorrisis, owner and veterinarian at We Live Together on Syros also regularly visits Tinos, the island just north of Syros, to map the population […]

Stray Heroes Ptolemaida

Our fifth and final Local Partner of 2023 is… Stray Heroes (Society for Protection of Stray Animals Ptolemaida)! Stray Heroes was officially established in 2021, but has been operating since 2015 to help the stray animals of Ptolemaida, North Western Greece. Their small team of 5 volunteers started the organisation after seeing the huge struggle for […]

Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union

Our fourth Local Partner of 2023 is…. Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union! Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union have been a recognised animal welfare organisation since 1997, making them one of the oldest in Greece. This is where the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, adopted his dog Peanut from! They rescue and care for stray animals in the Municipality […]

Stray Pulse

Our third Local Partner of 2023 is…. Stray Pulse! Stray Pulse are a team of volunteer animal rescuers based in the Megara region of Western Attica. They receive daily calls about abandoned, stray and injured animals in need of rescue. The team provide veterinary treatment, medication, food and sanctuary to dogs, cats, horses and donkeys. […]


Our second Local Partner of 2023 is… Kalymnos Cat Project! Kalmynos Cat Project began when volunteer, Leslie, first visited Kalymnos in 2015 and noticed the terrible plight of the many stray cats on the island. She had experience in managing large scale Trap Neuter Return (TNR) programmes to manage feral cat populations in small mountain […]


Our first Local Partner of 2023 is… Vrouva Farm Aegina! Vrouva Farm is a safe haven for old, abandoned and abused animals on the Greek island of Aegina. This small sanctuary is now home to over 100 animals including pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, cats, dogs and even a cow! Vrouva find new homes for […]


Τα ζώα στις μονάδες εκτροφής γουνοφόρων ζώων ζουν σε συνθήκες αυστηρού εγκλεισμού, σε μικρά γυμνά κλουβιά τοποθετημένα σε σειρές την μία επάνω από την άλλη. Υποφέρουν από αυτοακρωτηριασμό, μολυσμένα τραύματα, απουσία άκρων και κανιβαλισμό. Η εκτροφή γουνοφόρων ζώων αντιβαίνει ακόμη και στην πιο βασική έννοια της ευζωίας των ζώων.


Fur farming is inherently cruel and it is widely rejected by EU citizens and the keeping and killing of animals solely for the purpose of fur production is ethically unacceptable. That’s why we’ve joined Europe’s biggest ever campaign against fur farming, The European Citizens’ Initiative #FurFreeEurope.

Speak of the Donkey

Monday 4th April was #WorldStrayAnimalsDay and in honour of the millions of stray animals around the world, we kicked off our latest Education Project called ‘Speak of the Donkey’. Educationist, Kostas, and his assistant, Valentina, visited hundreds of pupils in Greek schools to share their knowledge and passion for animals. The pupils engaged in animal […]


Our Local Partnerships Programme launched in 2021, with the aim of supporting and bringing to light the work of some amazing local animal welfare organisations across Greece. This year, we have chosen more small organisations to provide vital funding, and over the course of the year will give updates on the animals it’s helping. Our […]