Stray Heroes Ptolemaida

Our fifth and final Local Partner of 2023 is… Stray Heroes (Society for Protection of Stray Animals Ptolemaida)!

Stray Heroes was officially established in 2021, but has been operating since 2015 to help the stray animals of Ptolemaida, North Western Greece. Their small team of 5 volunteers started the organisation after seeing the huge struggle for stray animals in this industrial region. They do fantastic work by regularly feeding and neutering stray cats and dogs and taking in abandoned, neglected and injured animals in desperate need of help.

We hope that by providing funding and support, we can help make a difference to this hardworking small organisation and the animals in their care!

To read more about Stray Heroes, ‘like’ their Facebook page or visit their blog!
If you’d like to contribute to this funding, please consider making a donation today – thank you.
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