AAG and AGA join forces to fund new ANIMA vehicle

Recently, the Animal Action Greece team travelled to Athens to visit ANIMA, Greece’s leading wildlife rescue organisation and one of our longstanding partners.  ANIMA is dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Currently, they are managing a record number of patients, largely due to the aftermath of the horrific wildfires that swept across Greece earlier this […]

Our recent visit to Dogs’ Voice

This year has posed exceptional challenges for Greece, marked by severe flooding and widespread wildfires that ravaged most major cities, resulting in the destruction of homes and the tragic loss of numerous animals.  The aftermath of these events continues to afflict those affected, including our local partner, Dogs’ Voice.  In the face of the fires, […]

Don the lucky sea turtle

At the beginning of August, our local partners Naxos Island Wildlife Protection were informed by swimmers off the coast of Orco that a sea turtle was swimming in the shallow water and behaving abnormally. When the team arrived, they found the large male and transferred him to their station. Examinations and tests showed he was […]


We are delighted to announce our new Local Partnerships Programme, designed to support and bring to light the work being done by some of the amazing local animal welfare organisations across Greece….