Double your impact for stray cats today

We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to our friends at The Samourkas Foundation, all donations made to our save a stray cat appeal until May 31st will be matched up to £10,000!

This means a donation of £50 will automatically be doubled to £100!

Resulting in twice the number of happy, healthy cats.

Did you know that Greece is home to an estimated 3 million stray cats?

Constantly searching for their next meal, at risk of injury and disease, these vulnerable cats can spend their entire lives without any veterinary care, shelter, or positive human contact.

Cats like Piccinin (pictured below) who was found abandoned and alone on the island of Paros. He was just a few days when he was found, likely the result of an unneutered stray cat on the island.

We immediately began to bottle feed him and thankfully brought him back to full health.

Seeing Piccinin’s story on Facebook, a local couple on Paros reached out, offering him a forever home.

After a very difficult start, we’re delighted that Piccinin is now living his best life in a home full of love.  

As proud as we are of stories like Piccinin, there is so much more to do.

Cats to sterilise, kittens to rescue and rehome, ill cats to treat and thousands to feed

We urgently need your support to end the suffering of vulnerable, homeless cats like Piccinin, especially on the island of Kalymnos. 

The island has a large and growing population of cats, many of whom are in very poor condition. 

By donating today, you’ll double your impact and help us: 

🛑  Stop the birth of homeless kittens by neutering stray cats. 

💉 Protect cats from disease by providing vaccinations. 

🍗 Ensure the cats are fed and monitored and that ill and injured cats get the veterinary attention they need.

Will you help us double the love for Greece’s vulnerable stray cats?

By donating now you will make an immediate difference to the lives of twice as many cats.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

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