European legislation mandates that all equines are registered and identified by an identification document, such as an equine passport, which is crucial to the traceability and surveillance of horses, donkeys and mules. In 2018, after a two year campaign led by Greek equine charity, Ippothesis, animal welfare organisations achieved their goal of the introduction of the European Commission Regulations (EU) 2015/262, commonly known as the Equine Passport Regulation, by the Greek Government. Unfortunately, since then, the Greek government have done little to comply with the regulation and have avoided the implementation of compulsory equine identification and registration.

To this day, nobody knows how many horses, donkeys and mules there are in Greece, where they live, their conditions, who owns them or is responsible for their welfare. As a result, it is impossible to regulate backyard breeding, trafficking, trading and selling, and has resulted in numerous cases of neglect, abuse, disease and exploitation.

Ippothesis have created a petition to demand the government do more to protect Greek equidae. We need as many signatures as possible to present to the Prime Minister of Greece, President of the Hellenic Republic, Minister of Rural Development and Food, and Health and Food Safety European Commissioner. 

Together we can put an end to the unaccountability surrounding the treatment of equines. Tell the Greek government to proceed with the identification and registration of equines now by signing and sharing the petition below.

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