1 million people call for the end of circus animals in Europe

A petition calling for a ban on the use of animals in circuses, led by Eurogroup for Animals, has recently hit 1,000,000 signatures and has been handed over to representatives of the European Parliament. Started in 2018 by InfoCircos, a coalition of animal and wildlife welfare groups, the petition played a key role in Eurogroup […]


Despite 2020 being one of the most challenging years we’ve faced as a charity, we were still able to reach well over 1000 animals across Greece for veterinary care, sterilisation or treatment, including 817 cats, 205 dogs and 129 equidae (horses, donkeys and mules)…

The elements win on Mount Pelion

While COVID-19 is still restricting our movements, it’s not the only thing that our Equine Team has to contend with; sometimes the weather simply isn’t on our side and, despite the best laid plans, the team struggles to reach the equidae (horses, donkeys and mules) that need its care…

Equine Project : Skyros Outreach

Ιn late 2018 we were in Skyros again, home of the small-statured but big-hearted Skyrian horse, one of the rare breeds of Greece. A few years ago there weren’t that many pure bred Skyrians left and the small size of their gene pool had allowed hereditary malformations to become increasingly common. Recently we have been […]