Tackling colonies on Syros!

Our work on Syros island continues in collaboration with We Live Together clinic.

The team decided to head to a village which hasn’t been visited for a long time – Azolimnos. This is the closest village to Hermoupolis, where the team have been trapping, neutering and releasing since the winter in preparation for breeding season. Despite it being pretty popular in summer, it is not too busy until then. We knew there were a few colonies there that the We Live Together clinic had worked on in the past, but they did not expect what they saw: many colonies, and big ones! It took several days, but they managed to neuter around 25 cats from the different colonies. As they went, they met – or remembered – more people who love and feed the cats there, so gave them a call and scheduled more dates.

We have now funded 132 cat neuterings through the We Live Together clinic on Syros since the start of the year. One thing is for certain, that there is much more work needed in Azolimnos, but they will keep returning until the work is done!

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