Vote For Animals 2019

#Vote4Animals On 14 February, Eurogroup for Animals launched its VoteforAnimals2019 campaign to put animal welfare at the heart of the next European elections. The campaign also informs and motivates Europeans to vote in favour of animal-friendly candidates. As a Eurogroup For Animals member, Animal Action Greece couldn’t be prouder to support this campaign.  Animal welfare matters […]


A successful campaign by an alliance of Greek animal welfare organisations has led to the Greek Government to introduce EU laws requiring individual identification of all horses, donkeys and mules – “equidae”. Known as the ‘Equine Passport Regulation’, animals covered by the EU Regulation will now need to be registered and identified with a unique […]

EU Care for Companions

Led by the Eurogroup for Animals, the Companion Animal Campaign, will be a six month campaign to call for the European Commission to take action to improve the welfare of companion animals – cats, dogs and equines. Starting in June and run principally via Instagram, the campaign will seek to build momentum by encouraging citizens […]

End the Cage Age

UPDATES: 26/2/2020: Letter to the Minister of Agriculture: Request to support the phasing out of cages in livestock farming. Read more here 16/9/19: One million EU citizens have signed the #EndTheCageAge European Citizens Initiative (ECI) petition, the biggest ever political push for farm animal welfare. Read more here   The End the Cage campaign aims […]

Our partnership with The Donkey Sanctuary

In Their Hooves (English)

The Animal Action Greece has since 2000 worked in partnership with The Donkey Sanctuary in Greece. We are very proud of our long standing work together to seek to improve the welfare of donkeys and mules in Greece. Our staff and dedicated team of collaborating veterinary professionals have led and been responsible for delivering each […]


AIMING TO IMPROVE THE LIVES OF ANIMALS IN LEFKADA Greece has one of the largest populations of stray cats and dogs in Europe, many of which are fed and taken care of by local people. Visitors who come into contact with them during their stay will find such encounters uneventful and frequently enjoyable. However, where […]

Banning animal circuses in Greece

2012 was a milestone year for animal welfare in Greece! After a six year campaign run by led by Animal Action Greece and Animal Defenders International (ADI), and backed by over 50 Greek local animal protection groups, the Greek Government finally passed a law banning the use of all animals in circuses.  The ban came […]