End the Cage Age


  • 26/2/2020: Letter to the Minister of Agriculture: Request to support the phasing out of cages in livestock farming. Read more here

  • 16/9/19: One million EU citizens have signed the #EndTheCageAge European Citizens Initiative (ECI) petition, the biggest ever political push for farm animal welfare. Read more here


The End the Cage campaign aims to raise the profile of the issues relating to the use of cages both to the general public and among key policymakers. It will build the movement of citizens calling for an end to the use of cages in farming and, ultimately, push the European Commission to consider new legislation that bans the use of cages in EU farming.

Animal Action Greece is one of forty NGOs / groups from Greece taking part in the campaign, which is being coordinated by Compassion in World Farming.

Collectively we will work to deliver a European Citizens’ Initiative, collecting the one million signatures necessary to trigger action from the European Commission.

Campaign objective:

Subject-matter: Hundreds of millions of EU farm animals are kept in cages for most of their lives, causing great suffering. We call on the European Commission to end this inhumane treatment of farm animals.

Main objectives: Cages inflict suffering on enormous numbers of farm animals every year. They are cruel and unnecessary, as higher-welfare cage-free systems are viable. The Commission is therefore invited to propose legislation to prohibit the use of:

• cages for laying hens, rabbits, pullets, broiler breeders, layer breeders, quail, ducks and geese;

• farrowing crates for sows;

• sow stalls, where not already prohibited

• individual calf pens, where not already prohibited

You can support our campaign by signing the petition here: www.endthecageage.eu

Launch Date and Duration: August 2018 – Sep 2019




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