Letter to the Minister of Agriculture: Request to support the phasing out of cages in livestock farming


It can’t be an either/or. We have to do both!

When we share with you the stories of animals we have helped, we often focus on a single individual and allow it to stand for many others just like it. But our aim remains to change things for the better at every level of Greek society and that means advocating for better conditions for the millions of farm animals living dreadful lives in mass production systems. That often means living in a cage.

Last week we kept up the pressure on the Greek government to ‘end the cage age’ with our letter to the Minister of Agricultural Development and Food. It’s part of an ongoing Europe-wide campaign that we have been active in along with other welfare organisations in many countries and which is coordinated by CIWF.

Producers find it cheaper to raise laying hens and farrowing sows in cages. They are fighting every step of the way to keep their current methods and lobbying governments to bring in changes only very gradually or not at all. Shall we let them get away with giving animals miserable lives?

To break open the cages we have to keep up the pressure. Can you help us with a donation today?

Thank you for caring!

Please click here or in the image bellow to read our letter to the Minister of Agriculture.

thumbnail of Letter to Minister of Agriculture – End the Cage Age.(AS)

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