Treat on the Street (virtual gift)

Treat on the Street (virtual gift)


Instead of buying a physical gift for your loved one, why not pay to ‘treat on the street’ in their name! (See note below)

With so many stray dogs living on all across Greece, fleas and ticks can be a real problem. Ticks carry the ehrlichia bacterium, which attacks the immune system and can prove fatal to dogs. To try and stop this happening, we work with local welfare groups to give preventative treatment to as many dogs as possible.

By purchasing this virtual gift, you can pay for a course of potentially lifesaving treatment that will keep a dog safe from disease carrying fleas and ticks for 12 weeks.

We will send you a digital card within the next 72 hours (please allow longer if ordering over the weekend) confirming your gift, which can be personalised to show you have bought the gift for someone else.

NOTE – Please enter the name of the recipient within the “Order Notes” section at checkout. If you do not complete this process, we will address the gift card to ‘Friend’.

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