Donkey Shoulder Bag

Donkey Shoulder Bag


Our well made, sturdy, pure cotton shoulder bags are made from locally sourced materials by Oikosac, a Greek family business in northern Athens.

The family of Rebecca Hannagan, the printmaker who designed them, hails originally from Ireland but Rebecca herself was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.  She studied at the Adelaide school of Art, concentrating on ceramics and painting.  Her relationship with Greece goes back a long way and, although she has spent periods elsewhere, about 24 years ago she met the man who was to become her partner and father of her two children, taught herself Greek and settled there permanently.  She describes herself as a “love immigrant”!

Rebecca turned to printmaking during the pandemic.  It gave her time and space.  Finding it increasingly hard to confront the infinite possibilities of a blank page, she finds the restrictions that the complicated process of making prints places on the artist somehow, as she puts it, “holds her”, forcing her to be disciplined in ways that don’t, she says, come naturally to her.  Printmaking demands that she should “think backwards” and plan carefully.

She encountered ‘our’ donkey on the island of Hydra and immediately loved his big ears.  But she actually carved the piece of lino that carries his image during a stay on the island of Ikaria.  Rebecca works out of a small studio in Erechthiou Street, at the feet of the Acropolis in Central Athens. 

Delivery – all bags purchased before 1st December will be shipped out during the first week of December.

We are only able to ship to the UK via the website. Please email if you would like to make an international order.

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