Irma, Gigi and Jojoba got their “happy endings”

Irma, Gigi, and Jojoba all had the worst possible start in life but we have received news of some ‘happy endings’ that we thought you’d like to hear about…

Meet Gigi (yes, he’s a boy)

Last year the three pups were dumped, along with their mother, Truffle, and one further sibling, on a hillside above Aspropyrgos (a run-down industrial area) outside Athens. Perhaps the person responsible thought no one would find them in that remote place. But they were wrong. Volunteers from “Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos” ( ΤΑ ΦΑΝΤΑΣΜΑΤΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΣΠΡΟΠΥΡΓΟΥ ) rescued the five dogs and were determined to give them a future. As a first step they took them to the vet who found they all had typhus. One of the four puppies didn’t survive but the volunteers redoubled their efforts to find the rest ‘forever homes’. Today, Irma is enjoying the good life with a family in England, while Jojoba had been adopted by a Greek lady who lives in Belgium. Gigi (who’s actually male!) is busy studying the history of the Vikings in Sweden with the young lady who has made him part of her life. The three youngsters have emigrated but Truffle, their mother, has remained in Greece where a family in Petroupolis is caring for her. All four dogs were sterilised as part of one of Animal Action Greece’s Spay/Neuter Programmes.

There’s no greater gift we can receive than hearing a ‘happy ending’ story about one of the animals we have treated, so this one is like Christmas, Easter and a birthday all come at once!

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