In April last year, the volunteers from Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos first met 9 year old Bad. No longer of any use to his hunter owner, he was dumped on a mountain side outside of Athens. He was severely malnourished, covered in ticks and, as the volunteers later discovered, he was suffering from for 3 different diseases. He seemed to have given up completely and the volunteers weren’t even sure he’d make it to the vets.

Some of the horrific injuries Bad sustained after being dumped on the street to die

But not only did Bad make it to the vets, he then made it to his new foster home where, very slowly, he was brought back to life with the proper treatment, care and patience he needed. At the end of October he was well enough to be neutered, with Animal Action Greece’s help.

After months of love and care from his foster family

Now this is where the story gets really good: at the start of this year, against all odds, Bad (now named Dexter) was adopted by his new forever family in the UK! He can now live out the rest of his days surrounded by the comfort and love he deserves (and of course, his favourite new sister, Milly).

Very happy on his new sofa...
... And on his new bed
Bad and his new adopted sister, Millie

What a change of fortunes for Bad. We really love happy ending’s like this. To help us to continue to support groups like Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos, please consider donating by clicking here. Thank you.

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