A Day In the Life of Gremlin

I was always very scared. I never had friends, cat or human. I’d wait, hiding in the bushes, until everyone else had fed themselves and the humans had gone. Often there was nothing left for me and I was hungry. I must have looked a mess. I have long black fur, now it’s fluffy and glossy, but then it was matted and full of sticky grass seeds. My mum wasn’t around, I don’t know what happened to her, so she couldn’t help me wash and I didn’t know how to clean myself. All the bigger cats kept chasing me away. They didn’t want me either…

One day, a friend of the human who was putting food out, came by and spotted me. They had a scary looking box. The human tried to pick me up. Of course, I was terrified and fought hard. I got in a couple of very satisfying bites and a few scratches until his friend said to let me go. But I was still hungry and fell for their food trick – I was just too hungry and weak to resist.

Next thing I know, I’m in the box and in a car. It doesn’t take very long and I am in another cage. But now, I don’t really want to get out. It’s warm and comfortable. I’ve got blankets and my very own food and water. There are lots of other cats around and humans but they are not bothering me. I even have a box of grit I can scratch around in – my very own toilet!

Some kind humans looked after me. It took a long time until I trusted them. But as soon as I felt comfortable with them, they took me into their little house. They played with me, showed me how to keep my fur clean and introduced me to a couple of other small cats. Of course, I didn’t like them much, I preferred being an only cat but I tolerated them so long as they didn’t come too close.

Now they’ve told me it’s time for me to find my forever home. I know it will be a bit scary at first and my new humans will have to be patient with me. But I’m sure I can fit in with a family, so long as they are kind to me and I will try to repay them with cuddles and loyalty.

At least, I promise I will try…

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