Welcome to our new monthly feature, “A day in the life of…” which will share the tale (or should that be tail…) of some of Syros Cats best-loved residents. This month, we’re hearing from Frosty who learned the hard way that the streets is no place for a cat…

I didn’t have a name until I was three years old.  I lived in backstreets of the main town in Syros.  It was a bit rough as an area and I had to learn to take care of myself. I spent most of my time hanging around a place where people come to play with machines – I think they call it a gym, but I never went inside.  There were a few of us there, but I always preferred people to other cats and discovered early that if I was friendly to people, greeting them and rubbing myself around their ankles, they would bring me tasty treats. 

My main problem was that I’m completely white.  Living outside on a Greek island is not good for me, especially as I love to lie in the sun – the hotter the better! But one day my ears started to hurt, the skin was burnt and it just got worse and worse until I had big sore patches all around my neck as well. It was summer and very hot.  And with no shade and very little water, I got very dehydrated as well.

One day I thought, ‘I need help…I’ve got to get away from here.’  So, I looked for a rescuer…

I used my best tactics and chose a visitor from Sweden who was friendly and often brought us treats when she practised power lifting in the gym.  I didn’t resist when she brought a cage and put me inside…it was time to take a risk!

She took me to a place in Kini, called Syros Cats, where they help strays who are sick.  They cleaned my wounds and put some cream on my sore skin;  they gave me my own quarters out of the sun, with regular food, treats, plenty of water and lots of cuddles from my rescuer who named me Frosty. 

She told me she lived in a cold place where white stuff sometimes fell from the sky and covered the ground for a long time – it stayed white and crunchy.  My colour reminded her of home – so Frosty I became…

Soon I had the first of many trips to the doctor.  It wasn’t pleasant, but I was getting stronger.  I didn’t have to fight for food, which was just as well as my teeth were really bad and I had to have most of them taken out! Then, although my neck healed well, my ear didn’t so I spent a few days in hospital while it was removed so now I’m extra special and feel a lot better. I had to stay inside for a long time, but am allowed out now so long as I have cream on my remaining ear.

I make sure I’m very friendly to the volunteers as I know they will look after me and often have meaty sticks in their pockets but I don’t like the other house cats much. There’s a particularly stupid cat called Hailey.  She thinks she’s being scary and fluffs up her tail – but doesn’t understand the tactics of a good battle.  It’s great sport to lie in wait for her just outside the litter tray – that really makes her squeal!

We have a cat flap.  It didn’t take long to learn that if I put my head near it, I hear a click, then know I can push the little door open and go out to play or snooze on the terrace.  The humans have tried to teach Hailey to use the flap too.  But she just doesn’t get it, even though she can see how the rest of us do it.

Some of the cats get adopted and go to new countries but I’m happy here. I’ve tried leaving a few times but have always come back. I have a good life, lots of attention and cuddles and good food and medical treatment.  I think I’ll stay awhile…

A huge thank you to the incredible team at Syros Cats for rescuing Frosty and for letting us share his success story with the world.

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