World Federation for Animals: Launch of a new global initiative

February 2021 saw the launch of a brand new global initiative – World Federation for Animals – as an international animal protection network aiming to achieve global impact for animals by providing a platform for the animal protection movement on the international stage.

The WFA fills a major gap and maximises the efforts and resources of the movement as a whole. Creating a coordination structure which increases the animal protection movement’s influence on the global stage will establish animal protection as an issue of global relevance and concern, amplifying and paving the way for efforts at local and national level worldwide.

Over the past three years, together with other pioneers, Eurogroup for Animals – of which Animal Action Greece is a core member – has been working on setting up the World Federation for Animals.

“Currently there are eighteen other leading animal protection organisations who constitute the founding members of this new federation which is registered in Boston, Massachusetts. We now invite other organisations across the globe to join and share our common goals.”

Reineke Hameleers, CEO of Eurogroup for Animals

The WFA will have a democratic governance with its membership consisting of animal protection organisations from around the world.

On 8 February, the World Federation for Animals will be officially presented at the 5th United Nations Environmental Assembly moderated from Nairobi, Kenya.

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