July 30th, our Equine Outreach team returned to Paralion Astros in Arcadia, to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the rescued equines of the local animal welfare organisation Arcadia Animal Care. The team treated 5 donkeys, 7 horses (four of which had recently arrived at the shelter, therefore received care for the first time), and not forgetting Tina the sheep, rescued from the 2021 wildfires!

The team at Arcadia Animal Care treat their animals with great love and care, which is evident in their condition! Our team had treated most of them for the first time last year, and the volunteers have been following their instructions on health and nutrition to keep them in good condition. Some of the animals sadly due to their backgrounds, are more difficult to handle. The mare that was semi-wild last year, although still nervous, was easy to handle this year and she stood still for her dental and farriery care. She was also able to be vaccinated and microchipped. Her 6 month old foal also calmly received her first treatment from the team; vaccination, worming and microchipping.

A highlight of the trip was also treating Pyrimachos, the donkey rescued during the 2021 wildfires! He is now in perfect condition, as well as Pelegris, the young donkey which was in terrible condition the first time we met him, having been attacked by a wild animal (most likely a wolf) and suffering with severe wounds. The wounds we had seen last year are now beautifully healed. 

The Animal Action team also treated, as promised after the rescue, the rescued donkey from Methana, named Machos (name deriving from the Greek word “machi” (= μάχη) meaning battle). Several weeks ago, the Arcadia Animal Care volunteers, with the help of Donkeyland and Methana police station, responded immediately and offered a new home to Machos. Our team examined him in detail and found many skin lesions, sharp dental edges and overgrown hooves due to laminitis. His hooves were trimmed by Vaios, allowing him to walk again easily, he even trotted, something he couldn’t do before! The sharp dental edges and two overgrown teeth were rasped down by Alkis, so Machos managed to chew again normally without pain. He was also vaccinated and wormed, so now we can be sure that Machos, who is going through his life’s third decade, will be healthy and happy for the rest of his life.

Our team’s professionals replied to all questions and queries regarding equine nutrition, health and general care. The volunteers thanked us and renewed our appointment for the next time they will need our help.

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