Our Equine Outreach team have returned to the suburbs of Chania, North-Western Crete, to treat the mules of the island’s Forestry Service. These big strong animals work in the White Mountains National Park, helping staff fix damages to the Samaria gorge and providing transport to injured visitors and park rangers. While only the pandemic can decide whether the park will reopen this year, these mules still deserve the very best veterinary attention…which is where our team come in!

All five of these loyal steeds received dental and farriery checks, with only a handful of hooves needing trimming. One very old gelding, named Makis, had upper incisors that were almost totally worn down but everyone is nevertheless happy that all five mules are in good health, demonstrating why regular visits from our Equine team are so, so important.

Ongoing work with the Forestry Service staff means that our team have built a great working relationship, so much so that they were invited to join them for dinner! A heartwarming end to a day spent upholding the welfare of Crete’s working mules.

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