The importance of neutering

We were delighted to receive pictures from Paroscat, a local animal welfare organisation we support, of a ginger female cat who has been impossible to catch for 3 years. After becoming increasingly friendly at the Logaras feeding station where she is fed daily, this week she was finally caught!


She has continuously given birth to kittens who were blind or became blind with eye infections resulting in tragedies – they were run over by cars or died from illness as they were impossible to catch. From her last litter this summer, Paroscat rescued 1 almost blind kitten which they treated and found a home for in Germany, another female tortie was rescued by PAWS – Paros Animal Welfare Society, and tragically, another totally blind kitten was ran over and passed away.

Now this mother has finally been caught and neutered, and can be returned to her feeding area where she will be monitored and cared for. No more kittens for you!

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