The EU could do a lot more to protect your companions, join us!

With the new campaign “EU, Care For Our Companions” European citizens call for better protection for their pets and equines. Issues related to our companions’ welfare know no borders, therefore it is now time for the EU Commission to establish EU guidelines to better protect our companion animals.

Cats, dogs and horses play an important role in our society. They have made us happier and healthier for more than 10,000 years. It is estimated that 80 million households in Europe have at least one pet and we care about some 7 million horses and donkeys. Nevertheless, the welfare of our companion animals is not protected at European level.

Companion animals’ protection remains a competence of the Member States. However, at the national level, legal protection for their welfare vary greatly, with some countries where this is completely disregarded by governments and competent authorities. As a consequence everywhere across Europe they are still victim of abandonment, negligence and abuse, as experienced by Eurogroup for Animals’ member organisations, working everyday to stop cruelties on animals across Europe and beyond.

With the “EU Care For Our Companions” campaign, we want to show EU institutions and decision-makers that citizens care for their cats, dogs, horses and donkeys, and that it is now time for the EU to take its responsibility.

By proving that Europeans want better protection for their companion animals, Eurogroup for Animals and its member organisations like Animal Action Greece will have the opportunity to place their companions’ welfare high on the European political agenda. Citizens are asked to make their voice heard and support the campaign by taking a selfie with their pet or equine and by posting it on Instagram with the relevant hashtag (#EUCare4MyDog, #EUCare4MyCat, #EUCare4MyHorse, #EUCare4MyDonkey).

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