Eurogroup for Animals’ #StopTheTrucks campaign has received overwhelming support, exceeding its target of 1 million signatures to call for an end to long distance live animal transportation.

#StopTheTrucks, which calls on EU decision makers to reduce and ultimately end long distance live animal transportation, exposed the many shortcomings of the current live animal transportation rules, which leave many animals unprotected, sick or dead during transport. This campaign gives a clear signal to the EU to end long distance transportation of live animals as the only way to improve animal welfare.

Earlier this year, MEPs, member state and Commission officials reacted to compelling footage released by the campaign, showing breaches of European animal welfare law and international agreements concerning live animal transport from the EU to Turkey, the Middle East and northern Africa, as well as their slaughter. The investigation reveals a failure by EU officials to monitor live animal export within and across EU borders. MEPs reacted with an official call to the European Parliament for an inquiry into this illegal, unnecessary and immoral treatment of animals. This official inquiry should deliver clear recommendations on what should be done to stop this happening.

Later this year, the #StopTheTrucks signatures will be handed over to the European Commission as a further signal that action needs to be taken to end long distance live animal transportation.

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