In November 2020, we were delighted to have our vision of a sterilisation clinic in Taxiarchis, Evia, become a reality. A generous foundation have supported us in funding a new veterinary clinic for mass sterilisation, vaccination and treatment of cats and dogs!
Back in August, Evia was one of the worst affected areas of the wildfires caused by the heatwave in Greece. During this time, we collaborated with Artemis, an animal welfare group in Northern Evia, to set up a pop-up veterinary clinic in the village of Taxiarchis, to treat and care for animal fire victims on the island. A large container was donated by the Prefecture of Central Greece to house the clinic, and we provided the necessary equipment and supplies to get the clinic up and running.
Sterilisation is the only humane way of managing the population of stray cats and dogs in Greece, and prevent animals from a life of suffering on the streets.  We wanted to support Artemis in being able to continue using the clinic as a base for neutering and vaccinating animals, and as a standby emergency station ready to treat animals in case of another disaster or extreme weather conditions.
We are very excited to have turned a devastating event into a positive outcome, and can’t wait for our first trip in 2022 to get the programme started.