Spring neutering on Syros

Our partners Syros Cats and We Live Together have started feeling the spring in Greece and with our support, decided to take advantage of the good weather and visit several colonies of Hermoupolis!
Breeding season is here so March is a month of ‘cleaning up’ any unfinished colonies to get any remaining females neutered before they have kittens. The team visited Doxa, an area where they neutered more than 40 cats last spring. There were still a few cats that had not been caught, as well as their now mature kittens from the previous year. They then visited another area in Hermoupolis, a neighbourhood very close to the port of Syros. The cats there are tricky as they have several hiding places where they can run off to. However, they managed to catch many of them and they will be back for more!
The last spot was Saint George of Syros, a very popular area for cats, as the people from the church feed them systematically and multiple times per day. Around 30 cats were neutered there last year, and our work is not done yet. The team plan to keep up the work of finishing up the colonies during April as well and we hope that we manage to control these populations as best we can!
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