Our Local Partnerships Programme launched in 2021, with the aim of supporting and bringing to light the work of some amazing local animal welfare organisations across Greece. This year, we have chosen more small organisations to provide vital funding, and over the course of the year will give updates on the animals it’s helping. Our third Local Partners of 2022 are Hellenic Donkey Centre (Donkeyland)!

 Donkeyland is a sanctuary and education centre located in the beautiful countryside of Koropí, surrounded by olive and almond trees. The centre was founded by a group of people with a vision to protect donkeys, and restore them to modern life as companion animals and activities which respect their needs.

Each donkey resident has a home for life at Donkeyland, having previously been working equines, abandoned, neglected, surrendered by their owners, or born at the centre to their rescued mothers. Donkeyland hosts visits and volunteering programmes for both children and adults to help with the donkey’s daily care and learn about communication, respect, cooperation and coexistence with this wonderful animal. Visitors learn about each donkey’s history, and even take them for walks (not rides) through the local fields, olive groves and pine forests.

To see more about Donkeyland, ‘like’ their Facebook page or visit their website!

If you’d like to contribute to this funding, please consider making a donation today – thank you.

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