The team at Animal Welfare Karpathos have a rich history on the island that dates back to 1997, when they first started caring for the island’s stray population. With a core network of dedicated local volunteers and partners, they respond to animals in distress by providing food, water and shelter; removing them from danger; giving first aid; or by taking injured animals away to receive veterinary treatment.

In addition to the ‘hands on’ aspect of their mission, Animal Welfare Karpathos also promote adoption, sterilisation and generally treating stray animals with the kindness and respect they deserve, as a means of educating kinder, more compassionate future generations.

These types of efforts ensure long-term improvements to the health and wellbeing of Karpathos’ strays, which is why we’re honoured to be supporting the Animal Welfare Karpathos team and their vision for the future. Through the Local Partnership Programme, we’ll be sending funds to support their rescue and rehabilitation work; high volume spay/neuter programmes; ongoing costs of injuries and surgery; and whatever else the team might do to achieve their mission.

If you’d like to contribute to this funding, please consider making a donation today – thank you.

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