When you think of animals in need, it’s easy to focus on cats, dogs and equines. But with Greece boasting the highest biodiversity in all of Europe, wildlife needs our help more than ever – something that our local partners, ANIMA, know all too well.

Based in Athens, ANIMA is one of only a handful of shelters in the whole country who rescue and rehabilitate such a wide range of species, from owls and foxes to turtles and hedgehogs. But just like the increasing numbers of stray cats and dogs who roam the streets, ANIMA are seeing an increased number of wild animals coming into their care – in fact, they currently have more patients than ever before.

That’s why we’re supporting their specialised efforts through the Local Partnership Programme. Our funds will help them reach more animals in need, treat them accordingly and, where possible, release them back into the wild following a period of rehabilitation.

If you’d like to contribute to this funding, please consider making a donation today – thank you.

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