Over 2,000 cats neutered on Syros!

We Live Together clinic in Syros finished 2021 by venturing to a completely new area and finding a colony of cats to neuter! The team were on their way back to the clinic after finishing neutering in the Saint Dimitris area, when they realised they had 3 empty cages. Never wanting to go back to the clinic with empty cages, they visited the area of Saint Panteleimon to see if any cats around needed their help. They noticed a lady walking her dog, and three beautiful calico cats following closely behind her. The lady told them her house was close by and she was feeding a lot of cats, so off they went!
Over 40 cats on a small street welcomed them, which they would never have noticed otherwise! Thankfully, the lady and another kind man across the street were taking good care of them and had already taken a few sick ones to the vet.
In December alone, the team at We Live Together managed to neuter 25 cats from that neighbourhood, and will continue to neuter the rest, so in a few weeks time all of the cats there will have their left ear clip! This makes a grand total of 1,100 neuterings completed by We Live Together clinic in 2021. As collaborators, we are very proud and honoured to have funded 466 of those. That now makes a total of over 2,000 neuterings since the beginning of our partnership in 2019, and with an estimated population of 3,000+ cats, this achievement will have made a HUGE difference!
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