Official Inauguration of Taxiarchis Veterinary Practice

On Saturday 18th March, our Animal Welfare Programmes Manager, Serafina, was delighted to attend the official inauguration of the ARTEMIS vet practice in Taxiarchis. In collaboration with the Municipality of Istiaia Aidipsos, this is the first licensed vet practice for stray animals in the area. Serafina was joined by the Eleni from local animal welfare group, ARTEMIS, the Mayor of Istiaia Aidipsos, Giannis Kontzias, many volunteers and the veterinarians helping with the project.

The March outreach trip was open for any members of the public to bring stray cats and dogs from their local area to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped free of charge. We are very pleased to say that a total of five outreach trips have now been completed, resulting in 260 stray animals neutered, vaccinated and microchipped so far! Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen, the work continues until every last stray animal has the decent life they deserve!  

(L-R) Dora, Animal Welfare Coordinator of the Secretariat for Quality of Life and Volunteerism at the New Democracy party. Eleni, President of ARTEMIS, and Serafina, Animal Action Greece Animal Welfare Programmes Manager
Mayor of Istiaia Aidipsos, Giannis Kontzias, installing a new sign at the Taxiarchis Vet Practice
Volunteers, Eleni, Mayor Giannis Kontzias and a local priest attending the official inauguration
Stray puppies brought to the veterinary practice to be fostered and neutered once old enough
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