September 2017 Meet “Hope”, the dog who got a second chance in life thanks to our marvellousdonors (that’s YOU)!

Hope is one of the many forgotten strays that were left behind at the abandoned village of Mavropigi. Life dealt poor Hope a double blow, as she is paralysed after being shot. As a result of that cruel act she also lost her left eye. But her luck has definitely turned now as, thanks to your response to our appeal for the dogs of Mavropigi, she now has her own, custom-made, ‘mobility scooter’ that allows her to run, play and enjoy life. Hope was also recently spayed through our Neutering Programme and is waiting for her forever family. (Could it be yours)?

We would like to thank Vassilis Tzigouras for the compassionate dedication he has shown to designing and making sets of wheels for dogs with mobility problems. This fabulously colourful one, which he made for us (well actually for Hope of course) is part of a truly impressive series.

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