Junior’s Diary – December

Well, hello again. I’m Junior, writing this month’s blog from the comfort of an indoor bed. After a few days when it was just like summer, it’s really cold again – I hate it when an icy wind blows through my fur.

First, a few updates. Olivia is becoming a house cat. I don’t really want more cats in the house, but I felt sorry for her in her cage. She started by living in a bedroom with one of our helpers who has become a mom to her. She is much better, but still takes lots of medication. She goes to the vet a lot and her X-rays show she still has problems with her lungs. But she takes her inhalers like a pro now – never making a fuss. I guess they make her feel better. But she still has sort of coughing fits sometimes, which make her panic as she struggles to breathe. Now she comes into the main house. She wants to be friends, but not all the house cats are nice to her. But Frosty likes her and sometimes they play together. I don’t mind her, but don’t like it when she tries to get too close or gets too much lap time!

The three kittens, I told you about last time have settled in, but they are still scared of humans. Our volunteers are very patient and try to make a fuss of them. They need to be more social if they are going to find a forever home. But it’s taking a long time. We have called them Zeta, Eta and Theta – three good Greek names. There are two boys and a girl. But although they are still shy with humans, they have made friends with another cat; a grey and white called Quinn – the helpers think they look really cute when they all curl up together.

Now it’s soon going to be Christmas again and the humans are decorating the house with greenery and baubles. I used to be fascinated with their Christmas tree with all the dangling lights and tinsel, but I don’t bother any more. Krispy, on the other hand, although she’s a grown up cat, is still fascinated and keeps jumping up and swiping with her paws until she succeeds in knocking something off.

My mom is cooking a lot too. I usually keep a watch on the kitchen in case anything interesting is happening – but so far, I haven’t smelt anything I’d want to eat. I’ve learnt to be subtle about food. There’s some human stuff I really love – like cheese and yoghurt, but I’m quite discerning. My mom taught me food manners and I’m not allowed on the table or on laps when humans are eating, but she often gives me a tasty titbit, when she’s finished eating, if I’ve been good. I like fresh running water though, like Krispy. My humans don’t change the water bowls as often as I’d like – which would be every hour or as soon as another cat has had a drink – so I ask for water from the sink in the kitchen. It’s got a conveniently bendy tap – and my mom usually indulges me.

The humans are all making holiday plans. Some of our volunteers are taking a break, one has left and another is leaving next week. But new ones are coming, so we don’t need to worry about getting food. We’re the lucky ones, and our humans feed all the cats in the village every day too, but there are lots of street cats that hardly get any food in the winter when the tavernas are closed – I feel sorry about them, they have such a hard life.

It’s time to be grateful. I made a good choice when I decided to move to Syros Cats!

The Greetings of the Season to everyone – be grateful – cuddle a cat – feed a stray…

Until next time, tiraa!

Olive enjoying being a house cat!
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