Giving Force Foundation

Enabling businesses and their staff to donate to charities via the UK HMRC ‘Give As You Earn’ (GAYE) scheme

As of April 2020, Animal Action Greece is registered with the ‘GivingForce Foundation’, a HMRC approved and regulated Payroll Giving Agency and as such is authorised to act as a Payroll Giving Agency in the UK and disburse payroll giving (GAYE) funds to charities.

If as a company or as an employee you wish to donate to Animal Action Greece through the HMRC ‘Give As You Earn’ (GAYE) scheme, please take a look at the GivingForce Foundation web site and FAQ page .

You can make an enquiry by contacting them by email at: or by post to GivingForce, Unit 3, Artisan Place, Ladysmith Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 5FE

The GivingForce Foundation is a charity registered in England & Wales.  Their UK Charity Commission registration number is 1177839.  You can see details here:

For more details see:

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