Payroll giving is an easy and great way for you as an employee to make a regular donation to Animal Action Greece to help our work in Greece! If you run a business – its easy for your employees to donate. As little as £5 per month makes a difference to us as a charity. The employer will need to register with a payroll giving agency approved by HM Revenue & Customs who will then distribute the donations to us.

Payroll giving agencies charge a small administration fee for processing donations, and the employer can choose to cover this if they wish so that the charity receives 100% of the donation. The employer can also claim tax relief for this cost as an allowable expense.

Find out more about ‘Give as you Earn’ from CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) –

Or for more details from HMRC see:

If you are interested in supporting us or would like more information on any of the ideas above please call us on 020 7357 8500 or email at and we will be pleased to help you!

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