‘Ghostly’ no more!

Her fluffy coat may give her a slightly fuzzy, phantom-like outline, but Melina is solidly there, and now in her forever home where she can enjoy the 100% real care that she deserves.

She’s just one of the 50 “ghost dogs” that we sterilised last year. She had been particularly badly let down by humanity. She was found in a field with a broken pelvis, pregnant and abandoned. We don’t know what heartless circumstances led her there but the volunteers of ‘Ghost Dogs’ in Aspropyrgos were determined to change her life. They took her in, saw that she got treatment for her injury and, once her pups were born, they found homes for them all. As soon as she was strong enough, Melina was spayed as part of our programme of support to the volunteers of Aspropyrgos. Finally, she, too, was found a new lady owner who took her home.

By making a donation today, you can help us to support more groups that work effectively to relieve suffering and give animals like Melina that were once betrayed by humans, reason to trust us again.

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