Did you know that the Skyrian Horse is one of the rarest and oldest breeds in the world? It is believed to have been brought to the island of Skyros by Athenian settlers back in the 5th century BC, as a Greek native pony that ranged freely over the country (Source National Geographic https://goo.gl/cS1LCa). Their small size isn’t the only unique thing about them. Strangely enough, despite their small stature, their physical appearance is more similar to that of a horse than of a pony!

On November 2017 our Equine Project team visited the island of Skyros and treated these unique horses, along with some other working equids of the island. In just 3 days Michael, our vet, and Giannis, our farrier, cared for 103 animals. A significant number of the animals examined were facing dental and farriery issues.

Michael and Giannis were particularly worried for one of our tiny Skyrian friends that had been losing weight over the past few months, due to some severe dental abnormalities. After receiving the appropriate treatment, the tiny horse can finally chew and digest food properly.

A big thank you to the locals for their hospitality and for organizing our visit.

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