The Equine Team’s tour of Greece continues!

In mid-October, it was on the islands of Kea and Aegina where it treated a total of 92 equids. During their visit to Kea, Kleo (our vet) and Aris (our farrier) literally had to work day and night just to make sure all their ‘patients’ were seen and no one had to go away without a proper check-up! Although the use of equids in agriculture is generally declining in Greece, Kea seems to be “bucking the trend” (ouch, sorry) and over the past couple of years, we have noted a steady increase in the number of people who own a donkey or mule on the island. Now each time we return, there are more animals that need our care and more owners to advise.

It was in Kea that we met Miss Pagona who had been anxiously waiting for us with her donkey, “Krina” (Lily). Krina was found to be suffering from chronic laminitis and had also developed an abscess on each of her front legs. These needed to be lanced and then drained, treated and padded. Miss Pagona was clearly relieved to see Krina get the care she needed and thanked the team most warmly.

When they moved on to Aegina, Kleo and Aris took the opportunity to visit the Vrouvas farm, which offers shelter to a number of elderly and retired equids. Like many of us, the animals tend to have complex needs as they get older, and being able to provide treatment that gives them a more comfortable old age always makes us feel the effort it has taken to reach some of the remoter corners of the country has been worthwhile.

We would like to thank Alexia Papagianni for organising our Aegina visit, and, as so many times before, The Donkey Sanctuary for covering the cost of getting us to both of these islands.

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