In the heat of mid-August 2017, Kleo, our equine vet, had to make a trip to the Athens area, so she took the opportunity to drop by the new premises of ESPI (the Hellenic Association for the Protection of Equids). The organisation has recently moved to Markopoulo (not far from Athens airport) where it is currently caring for about 15 rescued or retired equids of all kinds. While every ‘inmate’ received routine dental care, Kleo also diagnosed conditions that older and worn out equids frequently suffer from – laminitis, respiratory difficulties, and itchy skin. She was pleased to be able to administer treatment in some cases, and in the others to give the small staff team and volunteers practical guidance about future care and management of their ‘residents’. We’re delighted to have renewed our friendship with the dedicated and hard-working Espi Hsew team.

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