Where do the abandoned donkeys on the island of Corfu go? Our Equine Team discovered the answer to this question on October 3rd-4th 2017 when they visited the island and treated the donkeys of a very unique shelter. The Corfu Donkey Shelter was founded by Judy Quinn, an Englishwoman who was moved to help after seeing the plight of the abandoned and unwanted donkeys.

Our vet, Michael Gaganis, our dentist, Alkis Geskos and our farrier Aris Vlachakis, offered their veterinary, dental and farriery services to every donkey of the shelter and by the time our team had to leave, all the animals of the shelter were sporting their new healthy smiles and their flawless hooves! Two of the donkeys were suffering from painful abscesses that were successfully drained and given the appropriate treatment.

Judy Quinn’s donkey rescue has saved over 500 donkeys in the last 12 years! It is always our greatest priority to support such initiatives!

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