Attending one of our Equine Project’s unique Seminars, which aim to give people professionally involved with working horses, donkeys and mules, skills and experience that will enable them to care better for the animals on which many of them depend for a living, is the only opportunity many Greek owners will ever have to access practical training from qualified professionals and gain vital, additional knowledge about the needs of their animals.

Here are some images from the Seminar we ran just before Christmas. It took place just outside Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, on the 15th of December, and 30 people came from all over Greece to attend. They learned from specialist equine vets, Kleopatra Triantafyllou and Michael Gaganis, and professional farriers, Giannis Brastianos and Tom Westwell. Although general information on many topics (such as on correct feeding, parasite control etc.) was also provided throughout, we focused mainly on farriery techniques and some basic principles of equine dentistry, as most owners of working animals will have to deal with these at some stage – often with nothing in the way of professional advice and guidance to support them.

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